What is Best Way to Get Quality Backlinks from Authority Websites?

What is Best Way to Get Quality Backlinks from Authority Websites?

Sponsoring, Contributing was the only way to get quality backlinks from authority websites. For doing this, you don’t have to learn Rocket science, but just start joining them, by writing reviews. writing guest posts and comments in it. and place your links very smartly in them. maybe it was helpful enough.

Here are 5 ways to get quality backlinks from authority websites:

  1. Guest Blogging

Google has warned against guest posting and put a lot of people off. But high quality, targeted guest posts are different from the mass-produced, low-value posts that were a staple of many SEO strategies a few years ago, done right, guest blogging can be an effective link building tool.

  1. Public Relations

Public relations in the context of link building simply means using the same methods to get backlinks that you might use to get press.

  1. Broken Link Building

Even good, well-maintained websites suffer from “linkrot.” Links lead to a location on the internet, but since websites move their content around, eventually, some links will lead to empty locations. Users arrive looking for a resource and find a vacant lot.

  1. Resource Links

Rather than linking to your blog post or a page on your website, resource links come back to your solid research or collected knowledge that everyone else needs to know.

  1. Find Competitors’ Backlinks and “Steal” Them

If a site will link to a competitor, it will probably link to you, too. Start by identifying the top ten sites for each keyword you want to rank for. Do a Google search and pick the top ten domains.

First of all, Getting Authority Links from irrelevant Website does not help you in the same way as it’ll work in relevant. The first step is to fetch the list of authority site which you think relate to your niche.

Find Guest Post opportunity on them if possible. Also, if you have written already on other authority websites, then you can mention your work in email for a guest post. This works like experienced is hired over fresher.

Well, if your content is created, you should get coverage from authority websites without request.

If you have any question you can feel free to ask

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