How Much Does it Cost to Put an Ad on Facebook?
How Much Does it Cost to Put an Ad on Facebook?

How Much Does it Cost to Put an Ad on Facebook?

How Much Facebook Advertising Cost?

How much does it cost for a Facebook advertising campaign in India?

If you are searching for how much does it cost to put an advertisement on Facebook? Your Answer is that Facebook advertising cost can be anywhere from $0.10 to $10.00+ per click, depending on your Business, the size of your target audience, and the quality of your Facebook Ad.

What is average CPC (Cost Per Click) for Facebook ads in India?

If you are running a Facebook ad campaign in India and was wondering what is average CPC for India specific ads. I would like to suggest you about your page category and how much you can pay for each like.

Here is a survey of Facebook advertising cost in India. To know this, you need to read how Facebook charges you when you advertise them. There are many businesses and individuals profiting from the reach and return-of-investment offered by Facebook advertising. Anyhow, at the same time there are so many people who start a business alone as well as professions in India are uncertain about advertising on Facebook since they are do not have a grip on how much it might cost.

Facebook advertising Cost

Campaign Budget: a Facebook advertising campaign for as low as Rs 40 (per day) in India

Monthly Facebook Advertising Budget: Monthly Facebook advertising budget will depend on you, how much you want to spend on your ad campaign per day.

Cost per Click (CPC):  website click cost 3.50 to 5.00 Rs, Desktop ad Cost per Click 7.00 Rs, CPC Cost per Click and CPL Cost per lead are two different categories. The advertising cost varies allot depending on the business, yes. My recommendation to you is – if you are running a page like Ad, put it up on Cost per Mille CPM instead of Cost per Click CPC. It always works better. It’s around Rs 10–15 On Website click (called as link click on Facebook stats), For Facebook click (which meant like, comment, share etc), It can be around 1–2 Rs. Also depends on the audiences you have targeted and also the business you are being advertising, Typical Link click CPC is Rs 10

Cost per Mille (CPM): Average of 20 Rs

Cost per Action (CPA):  Average of 3 Rs

Conclusion: You can spend Rs 500 in a day, or depending on your scale you could spend 1 lakh Rs a day on Facebook.

Note – There is a big difference between website click and Facebook Ad click. Website click means someone is clicking on your website advertising etc.

As of the third quarter of 2016, Facebook had 190 Cr. monthly active users globally, more than 16 Cr. Traffic in India.

There is a huge competition between advertisers. lakh of companies target the same people on FB and millions of Impressions are auctioned every day. FB Certified Professional can help you to generate qualified leads and sales, Opportunities with the latest FB marketing and advertising strategies to get maximum ROI.

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What can we do for you?

  1. Audience unpublished posts
  2. Multiple audience segmentation
  3. Conversion pixel installation
  4. Different Re-Targeting campaigns
  5. New lookalike audiences
  6. Audience insights Research
  7. Ongoing competitor research
  8. New image Ad testing
  9. Custom dashboard reporting
  10. Power Editor speed execution
  11. Lead quality improvements
  12. Conversion Advertising
  13. Dynamic Products Ads
  14. In-store Sales Drive Ads
  15. Direct video ad targeting
  16. Micro-targeted audiences
  17. Sponsored likes growth
  18. Geographic Ad granularity
  19. Ongoing bid optimization
  20. Engagement rate optimization
  21. Hour/Day/Week bid improvements
  22. Shopping campaign improvements
  23. Direct Instagram ads
  24. Ongoing ROI improvement
  25. Get The Right Leads For Your Business

Facebook Advertising Charges in India:

FB Page Management Charges: 7K PM (8-10 Post, Graphics, Contents, 1 Note, Posting, Commenting, Replying etc)

How Much Facebook Advertising Fees in India?

  1. Up to 25K Ad spend 8K first Month, Next month onwards 5K
  2. 26 K to 100K Ad spend, 20% of Ad Spent amount
  3. After 100K, 20% of Ad Spent amount

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