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GoogleSEOExpert is the proven solution that helps you to get your website on top of Google’s search results. You get optimization tools, link analysis, keywords, social media, website analytics and lot more.

  1. Research your keywords
  2. Optimize your site and content
  3. Get your business on Google Local
  4. Create or claim your local listings
  5. Be consistent
  6. Ask for genuine reviews
  7. Optimize your social profiles
  8. Local outreach
  9. Go mobile
  10. Analyze and monitor your results

SEO Changes That Will Give You Big Results

  1. 404 error pages can lead to more indexed pages
  2. Don’t be afraid to start a fight
  3. Does your infographic move?
  4. The skyscraper technique
  5. Use personas to drive relevant SEO traffic
  6. Optimize for click-throughs
  7. Beg, borrow, or steal
  8. Faster is better
  9. Content length affects rankings
  10. Responsive designs bring more mobile traffic
  11. Tools outperform content marketing

Track your SEO results

Find the keywords that deliver the best results. GoogleSEOExpert offers ranking checks on city level. See how your website is ranked for your keywords on Google, Bing and Yahoo in 68 countries and in particular cities. Integrates with Google Analytics.

  1. Keyword rankings: know where your traffic is coming from
  2. Back links and linking root domains: track your authority
  3. Organic search traffic: do search engines love you?
  4. Average time on-page: are you nailing user intent?
  5. Pages per visitor: track your usability
  6. Returning users: are you making an impression?
  7. Bounce rate: don’t scare off visitors
  8. Optimize page load speed: bounce rate and speed go hand in hand
  9. Monitor and address crawl errors: eliminate indexing problemsPun
  10. Pages crawled per day and time spent downloading: invite search engines
  11. Index status: monitor your site health
  12. 404 page views: don’t lose your audience
  13. Quick and dirty method
  14. Use Webmaster’s Tools (Search Console)
  15. Ahrefs broken links tool
  16. Conversions (goal completions): find out if you’re making the most of your traffic

Impress your boss and your clients with SEO

What your boss actually wants from your local search reports? Create beautiful reports in your company design for your boss and your clients. Fully customizable with your own logo, colors, etc.

  1. How local search performance affected sales
  2. Using Google Analytics e-commerce tracking to provide value for local search reporting
  3. Make it mobile friendly
  4. Use a SEO tool to get you started
  5. Have a blog or content strategy in place
  6. Make use of social media
  7. Implement Calls to Action
  8. Advertising/Organic Positions
  9. Site Audit Overview/Compare Crawls
  10. Use CRM software to consolidate data
  11. Back links Overview
  12. Position Tracking Overview
  13. SEO Reports


Remove bad links, monitor social media

Find harmful links that point to your website and eliminate bad links. Monitor social networks for mentions of your company. on top of Google’s search results.

Protect Your Website from Negative SEO, How to Protect Your Website from Negative SEO?

  1. Set up Google Webmaster Tools Email Alerts
  2. Keep Track of Your Back links Profile
  3. Protect Your Best Back links
  4. Secure Your Website from Malware and Hackers
  5. Check for Duplicate Content
  6. Monitor Your Social Media Mentions
  7. Watch Your Website Speed
  8. Don’t be a Victim of Your Own SEO Strategies
  9. Don’t Make Enemies Online

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