How does SEO in 2017 look like?

SEO In 2017

Since many years we heard different marketing Experts say Search Engine Optimization is dead but the fact is Search Engine Optimization is not expiring in case its growing and playing a bigger role in online Marketing. We usually get‘Change brings opportunity’ then why confusion when the change comes to Search Engine Optimization? My skills says the following will be the game changer Search Engine Optimization trends in 2017.

  • Optimize User Intention
  • Page Speed
  • More Rich Snippets in SERP’s
  • Long and Data Driven Content
  • Cross Channel Marketing
  • Local Keywords Uses
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) or Mobile Marketing
  • Get Ready for Voice Search Algorithms
  • HTTPS Eating up Referral Data
  • User experience will be integral to SEO
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Schema to organize content
  • Video Optimization
  • An increase in quality content and “density”
  • More brands will leverage personal branding

Here you can learn the details of these SEO Trends 2017 and I would love to learn your thoughts about Search Engine Optimization trends.

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