How to Improve Your Website Speed?
How to Improve Your Website Speed?

How to Improve Your Website Speed?

How to Improve Your Website Speed?

After looking some posts and Examining lots of websites, I decided to write some tips that can improve Your Website Speed as much as possible. Every search engine wants to provide consumers a great user experience, just like Google, and a Fast Website improves overall website quality and increases consumer satisfaction. Everybody demands a Fast Website experience.  Fast loading Speed Websites work Excellent. Amazon recorded that for every 100 milliseconds they speed up their Website, they see a 1% increase in revenue, better user experience, higher conversions, more engagement, and even higher search ran

Even a second delay in your websites load time can lead to lower revenue and traffic. Boosting your Website Speed will improve your overall User experience. Learn how to optimize your site to increase your page and site speed here. Use these tips to speed up your website. Here are some tips for Improve your Website speed.

Top 50 Tips to Speed up Your Website:

  1. Your Website Theme (if using WordPress)
  2. Minimize HTTP Requests, Enable HTTP Keep-Alive
  3. Minify your codes
  4. Replace PHP with static HTML where possible
  5. Add Expires headers to leverage browser caching
  6. Specify a character set in HTTP headers
  7. Use a CDN Content Delivery Network
  8. Get a Better Web Host, Use a very fast hosting
  9. Reduce server response time
  10. Enable compression
  11. Enable browser caching, Use a caching plug-in
  12. Minify Resources
  13. Optimize images, Compress your images with WP, Optimize and Reduce Image Size
  14. Specify image dimensions, Combine Your Background Images into Image Sprites
  15. Avoid Image Hotlinking, Disable hotlinking of images, Prevent Others from Hotlinking Your Images
  16. Optimize CSS Delivery
  17. Use CSS Sprites
  18. Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files
  19. Put CSS at the top and JS at the bottom
  20. Prioritize above-the-fold content
  21. Reduce DNS lookups
  22. Avoid bad requests
  23. Reduce the number of plug-in you use on your site
  24. Reduce Your redirects Or Minimize redirects
  25. Fix All Broken Links on Your Website
  26. Clean up your database
  27. Optimize Your Database Regularly
  28. Compress your website with zip, Enable zip compression
  29. Switch off all plug-in you don’t use Or Remove Unnecessary Plugins and Add-ons
  30. Link to your stylesheets, don’t use @import
  31. Turn off pingbacks and trackbacks in WordPress
  32. Enable Keep-Alive
  33. Minimize round-trip times
  34. Make landing page redirects cacheable
  35. Leverage browser caching, Enable Caching
  36. Improve server response time
  37. External Resources
  38. Enable Keep-Alive
  39. Remove query strings from static resources
  40. Specify a character set
  41. Serve resources from a consistent URL
  42. Significantly Limit, or Remove, Social Sharing Buttons on Your Website
  43. Load Analytics and Ad Networks Code Asynchronously
  44. Enable Expires Headers
  45. Install Google Page Speed on Your Server
  46. Limit the Number of External Requests
  47. Use a Reliable CMS
  48. Use a PHP Accelerator
  49. Ditch Your Tracking Codes, Video Embeds and Share Buttons
  50. Use Caching When Available

Here are Top 8 Free Website Speed Testing Tools

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