Optimistically, Yes it is possible with the right efforts put in during the right times and you can!

I am Puneet Sharma SEO Expert in India Providing SEO Service all over India. I will work according to you and your clients and for a Long term relationship.

Try to optimize each and every page for the targeted keyword, do better on-page and off-page optimization, create backlinks, create quality content, Create videos, slide shares, infographics with leverage social media in your efforts.

It depends on the keywords. I would like to suggest use Google Keyword Planner Tools, to check the volume of searches. You should suggest high volume keywords for ranking, normally low volume keywords are easy to rank because only a few are targeting them.

And, I have seen, most of SEO company, just doing back-linking, without any fear, Yes, they can bring instant result within months, but the result will remain for that months, only, then after they cut that type of links.

I would suggest adding your website to Google Webmaster Tools, to check, what your SEO manager do with your site. If you think, your site is mention somewhere else, that is not related to your, then you should not hire that type of SEO.

Always check your site on Google Webmaster Tools, from where you got links.

Only 1% of SEO do its job with white-hat SEO technique. All others just do for a temporary result. And Never be interest, what they talk about in testimonials.

Well, the honest answer is ‘we don’t know’. Just because your website is in an uptrend now doesn’t guarantee you top positions in 6 months. Because we just can’t make assumptions without knowing your website, nature & scope of business, target audience, business objectives, primary keywords of the website, your current competitors etc and etc.

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