What are the Main On-Page SEO Fundamentals 2018?
What are the Main On-Page SEO Fundamentals 2018

What are the Main On-Page SEO Fundamentals 2018?

What are the Main On-Page SEO Fundamentals?

Here are Some Main On-Page SEO fundamentals that will help you to improve your Website Ranking completely, if you are Searching for some useful On-Page SEO-Fundamentals, you can use following On-Page SEO-fundamentals on your website today, after use You will love these On-Page SEO-Fundamentals. It is a simple On-Page SEO Fundamentals list that will deliver more traffic from Search Engine.

Here are Top 25 On-Page SEO fundamentals in 2018:

  1. Website Structure
  2. Website Relevancy
  3. Mobile Responsive, Multi-Device Friendly
  4. Website Site Speed
  5. User Experience
  6. Use Attractive Keywords
  7. Make Your Site Easy to Navigate
  8. Post Quality Content on your website
  9. Canonicalization of Duplicate Content
  10. Use Descriptive, Keyword-Rich Meta Tags
  11. Page Titles, Meta Tags
  12. Meta Descriptions
  13. Heading Tags, Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.)
  14. Internal Linking
  15. URL Structure, URL Strings
  16. User-Friendly, Authoritative Content
  17. Keyword Density, Keyword Targeted Content
  18. Domain Authority
  19. Internal Links and Outbound Links
  20. Image SEO Optimize Your Images
  21. Use Social Sharing Buttons
  22. Crawl Error Resolution
  23. Schema Markup
  24. Robots.txt File
  25. Sitemap.XML

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