Top 10 SEO Tips 2017

Top 10 SEO Tips

Top 10 SEO Tips 2017 | Steps to Get Top 10 Rankings on Google

We will help you to increase your visibility in all the major search engines like: Google, Yahoo! and Bing by improving keyword rankings and boosting your real time website traffic which are always done through White Hat techniques.

SEO is the process of enhancing the visibility of you website on organic search engine result listings, by associating search engine friendly elements into a website.

We follow all Google with Ethical works strategy as follow:

  1. Website Page Analysis
  2. Keyword Competition Analysis
  3. Keyword Analysis for target visit
  4. Keywords Popularity analysis
  5. HTML code validation and repair
  6. Web page and image Optimization
  7. Meta Tags Optimization
  8. Sitemap creation (HTML & XML)
  9. Sitemap Submission (XML)
  10. Directory submission
  11. Creating Blog
  12. Article Submission

 SEO 10 Tips to the Top of Google

  1. Learn & Implement Marketing Basics
  2. How to Structure Your Site
  3. Build a Digital Footprint
  4. Design for Multiple Screens
  5. Conduct Keyword Query Research
  6. Write Just Enough Content
  7. Tag Your Content (Standard, Social, Schema)
  8. Don’t Over-Optimize
  9. Optimize the User Experience
  10. Keep Link Building Practices Natural

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