Top 10 Tricks You Should Do In Optimize WordPress Site For SEO 2019
Top 10 Tricks You Should Do In Optimize Wordpress Site For SEO 2019

Top 10 Tricks You Should Do In Optimize WordPress Site For SEO 2019

  1. Check Out Site Visibility Option
    Go to Wp Setting- Reading Page. Scroll down and heck whether you have enabled site visibility option. if it is enabled, the search engine can’t find your site. So, make sure to disable it immediately.
  2. Improve Site Speed
    Optimize your site to increase its loading speed. Implement cache plugins. compress images, use CDN to improve site speed. Google loves fast loading websites.
  3. Tighten Your Site security
    Your site will get blacklisted by the search engine if it dulges in spammy activities. It happens mostly after the site is hacked. So, install security plugins to make sure your site is safe from hacks and attacks.
  4. Use SSL/HTTPS
    SSL certificates add an extra security to your site. One of the ranking factors in Google is SSL certificates. Google prefers websites that are secure and safe.
  5. Focus On Permalink Structure
    I will recommend going to either post name or custom permalink structure. Using custom structure, you can include category name in the permalink. Avoid numbers in URL.
  6. Install Yoast Plugin
    Yoast will recommend all the On-Page SE0 guidelines that must be followed while writing content. Also, it provides great readability advice.
  7. Add XML Sitemap
    Adding a sitemap will enable the search engine to crawl all your content quickly. Thus this results in better indexing.
  8. Fix Broken Links
    Using Google search console, find out all the broken links on your site and fix it by redirecting it to the active relevant page/post.
  9. Start Doing Internal Linking
    Interlink your pages with each other in such a way that spiders can crawl your whole website just by visiting a single page.
  10. NoFollow External Links
    NoFollow external links so that you don’t pass your nk juice to other websites. Concentrate on gaining ink juice from other websites rather than giving way. Affiliate links must be NoFollow.

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