What are the First Steps to do SEO for New website?

What are the First Steps to do SEO for New website?

SEO is a group of the task and it depends on you how you prefer them while priority is not necessary. First and foremost look your competitor, and then do research on the keywords which they are using, meanwhile, you will make unique content for your target keywords.

Here I am giving you a short Steps on how to do SEO Search Engine Optimization on the fresh website.

  • First, finalize your keywords you may refer google ad-word tool to search keywords
  • You website design part almost is done then you need to start the ON Page SEO Search Engine Optimization
  • On Page SEO Search Engine Optimization before host your website on the server you need to do on page SEO on your website, like meta title, meta description, image alt and title, heading and bold on your webpage and the other complete process.
  • I advised adding analytics code, Google SERP and XML sitemap on your website
  • Upload your site generate sitemap validate google tools etc.
  • Start the OFF Page SEO Search Engine Optimization

This is a short process SEO Search Engine Optimization

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