What are the reports to be generated for clients as an SEO analyst?

What are the reports to be generated for clients as an SEO analyst?

Good to hear. To know what the reports to be generated for customers are is the very valuable one. Sure that, every customer will be needed to see their ranking reports and comparison with the competitors report.

There are so many kinds of reports to be created as Search Engine Optimization analyst. However, you must be very clear-cut. Search Engine Optimization is a deep, complex, long, complicated and great task. Search Engine Optimization means ocean of Online Marketing. Plunging that, you must ask question or understand your customers what type of reports they wants.

Usually, the job of Search Engine Optimization analyst is to index the keywords and accelerate the rankings in search engine like – Google, yahoo and Bing. Make sure that there are miscellaneous search engines and various search engine have various ranking algorithm. The technique Google pick to index or rank its website should other form how the technique yahoo wants to rank the websites.

Ranking Report:

The most valuable report to be created for a customer is Ranking Report . In this report it necessity hold the keyword and Rank of our website in Search Engine for that keyword. The report necessity hold the analysis that whether our website site is coming front in ranking, For that the past month, past week ranking, yesterday ranking, current ranking essential be noticed to analyze and notice how the ranking is affected. To create such a Ranking Report, I will advice to use the Pro Rank Tracker which is a Free plan and also at different price with so many features. In free plan we can submit maximum of two Links with seven conditions. So completely.  As a Search Engine Optimization analyst, you must create ranking reports as an Search Engine Optimization analyst. Search Engine Optimization rankings reports will hold the correct Rank of keyword in a page. Like if your webpage in 5th position of 2nd page then it will be fifteen. Hope you understand this. Along with the rankings reports, you can also deliver reports of organic traffic data form Google webmaster tools. Just go to the search console of Google webmaster and then click on the search analytics. Click on the clicks, Impressions, CTR and position. Then click date range. You will receive the data. You can also fetch the same data form Google analytics as well.

Keyword Research:

This is valuable report wanted for the customers. Because if they desire their page to be ranked in top level searches they much know which keyword is used by most focus to discover  that content. So at the same time Keyword Research Report it will simple to choose where to target. For which keyword we need to focus more and how competitive keyword it is can be analyzed by that.

Competition Analysis Reports:

By finding the Competitor targeting keyword and need to analysis whether we want to rank for that keyword or not. So that it is valuable for the customer in their Business outlook.

So, being a Search Engine Optimization analyst you will send your customer – traffic reports and ranking reports.

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